Having an electronic device/watch in direct contact with the skin may create resonant stress on human organs, meridian pathways and the nervous system.

The Watch Harmonizer is designed to neutralize harmful EMR emitted from all small electronic devices such as Wrist Watches, Smart Watches, Sports Watches, Activity Trackers, Junior Trackers, Kids’ Fitness Trackers, Wireless Sports Headphones, GPS units, Bluetooth earpieces, Hearing Aids and PC mouse.


Smart Watches, Sports Watches, Activity Trackers and wireless Sport Headphones are popular with children, teenagers and adults.  However, the radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation produced by such devices in direct contact with the skin, may interfere with the meridian energy and nervous system creating resonant stress in other organs of the body, far greater than a watch without the mobile phone capabilities.  Even a traditional battery-powered watch will cause electromagnetic stress on the body as it does produce a weak positive charge. 

Kinesiology testing has validated that people wearing an electronic device against their skin can cause interference with their immune and thyroid meridian points, which is a common problem with such devices.

The Watch and Personal Tracker Harmonizer is energetically infused with a negative charge resonance that is unique to Orgone Effects® which enables it to produce an opposing negative charge to the watch’s positive charge; the harmful component of the radiation.  This change in resonance to a healthy negative charge neutralizes the EMF thus preventing interference on the human meridian and nervous systems, and any resonant stress on organs.

You can enjoy the latest technology with a Watch & Personal Tracker Harmonizer.

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