A star performer for personal protection against Electromagnetic Radiation when you’re out and about.

Introducing the new Stellar Pendant Violet Flame®!  Inspired by beloved Saint Germain on his methods of invoking the energy of the Violet Flame.  This divine and powerful Stellar Pendant® radiates a harmonizing field of a healthy negative charge up to 8 meters around the body, neutralizing the depleting positive charge energy influences emitted from all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

The Stellar Pendant Violet Flame® has undergone an infusion process unique to Orgone Effects® which gives the pendant a healthy negative charge frequency.  The infusion has a negative charge, EMF has a positive charge, which is the harmful component of any radiation field.  The negative charge “balances” the positive charge, which then neutralises any EMF stress in the body.

Wearing the Stellar Pendant Violet Flame® has a supportive and strengthening effect on our energy bodies, meridian system and vital organs which are weakened by the various harmful EMR fields we are exposed to daily when we’re out and about.

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