The Health Soap Chef founder story:


My soap-making journey began during the lock down of 2020.   While everyone was putting together jigsaws and watching Netflix, I learned how to make soap with some of the best soap makers online including a lovely Quaker woman named Marsha.   I am in gratitude to them all.   

With some 15 years in the natural health industry I apply the knowledge gained to all my natural soap and body/massage oil creations.  My greatest learning is that you can supplement your body with magnesium via the skin.   

Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil when applied all over my body helped restore my depleted magnesium levels fast and resolved a host of chronic magnesium deficiency symptoms. Due to leaky gut, I wasn't able to absorb this vital nutrient orally.   

So what other nutrients can be delivered via the skin?  All the ingredients in my recipes are  selected for their optimum nourishing and rejuvenating skin, and wellbeing benefits.    Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil, Shungite, (a unique carbon dense mineral) Chaga Mushroom which grows on Birch trees in Siberia.  Incidentally,  my signature soaps are Shungite and Chaga.   You will also find Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Moringa Powder, Honey and Goats Milk ingredients too for their powerful properties which may help resolve skin conditions.  

One young lady shared with me that after using my Chaga mushroom soap, she can face the world again; she regained her confidence with her new fresh clear skin. 

Please experience my beautiful, luxurious healthy soaps and body oil creations yourself and surrender to the euphoric fragrances created to help evoke a sense of serenity  and wellbeing.   

Beauty from the outside in, for softer, smoother more youthful looking skin. 


Christine - The Healthy Soap Chef

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